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Are you well equipped in the field of Process Management ? Do you want to develop excellent skills in Management frameworks like ISO, CMMI..Etc? Qminds presents a prime opportunity to expand your skills.

Process Consulting

We are the preferred management consultants in the area of Quality, Information Security and System Integration for our clients.

‘Quality Is The Best Policy’

Qminds strives to achieve the next level of customer delight where-in our customers experience “The Quality “ in whatever we do.

Productivity Improvement

Qminds help you to optimize effective and efficient utilization of the resources(Employees, equipment/machinery, materials, money, time and space) on prioritization.

Product Development

Product Development is defined as ‘The creation of a new product from scratch or enhancing the characteristics of an existing product that offer new or additional benefits to the customer’.

As stated in the definition, product development may involve modification of an existing product, or creation of an entirely new product that satisfies the customer.

Product development is a specialized activity and developing a new product from scratch that satisfies the client and establishes itself in the marketplace is a crucial aspect of any business organization. Organizations have to continuously innovate in the way in which they develop their products and find new markets to introduce their products into. Only the most efficient, accessible and user friendly product find success in the current marketplace and the success of a particular product(s) can propel the organization to the next level.

We at Qminds, understand what it takes to develop a product from scratch or to add new features to an existing product. One of the strengths of our organizations is that we possess a very competent and knowledgeable development team who are well versed in the various aspects of product development and are up-to-date on the continuously changing product development field. Usually, if a company starts with one or two products, after duration of time, it has few more products in its line (say from 10 to 16).

This is possible only because of product development team the organization employees and Qminds is committed to providing only the most skilled and driven developers to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements.

Product development involves risk of investing precious time, money (capital) and intellectual resources. Therefore, a well-planned product development is necessary. We at Qminds, are committed to developing products which will create business opportunities, boost productivity of the organization, and will also enhance the satisfaction levels of the client as well as the consumer.

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